The 5 “P’s” to Financial Freedom

Financial freedom is attainable. Actually it is easier than you may think. I know for many people financial freedom sounds like a pipe dream and is achieved only by the wealthy few or the lucky lottery winners. But there are many paths to achieving financial freedom. So how can you become financially free if you are not born into wealth or lucky enough to pick the winning lottery numbers?

A friend of mine has a saying that he often uses. When pressed for solutions to a problem he often has an answer that ends with “it is simple but hard”. He finds a simple answer but it often requires hard work. Sounds like something an engineer would say (figures that he is one).

I like simple and easy. Not that there is anything wrong with hard work. But when it comes to finance would it not be better if we can make things simple and easy? Actually when it comes to your finances wouldn’t you want things to be simple, easy and proven?

Well that is exactly what the 5”P’s” to financial freedom accomplishes. They make up a simple, easy and proven system to achieving financial freedom that anyone can follow. After observing the financial behaviour of thousands of clients I discovered common traits that are used by wealthy individuals and ignored by those seeking money. The difference between these two groups is in the knowledge of how to handle cash flow. This can boil down to behaviour more than income. I’m not talking about budgets. Actually I found that budgets simply don’t work for most people.

Budgets are a useful tool to reflect back on where you spent your money. They do not offer a solution to becoming financially free. Actually if you follow a budget you are likely feeling restricted in how you use your money. Who wants that? You should be able to enjoy the hard earned money you have. After all you only have one life to live. But living only for today is also no answer to becoming financially free.

There are many aspects to finances. Living only for today will likely cause financial stress in your future. Saving for retirement may mean sacrificing lifestyle. Balancing today’s lifestyle with future needs may mean sacrificing your dreams.

Regardless of your income level, financial freedom is attainable when you understand the 5 “P’s” to finance. Having this knowledge will put you on the path to achieving financial success regardless of your income. Actually, your level of income simply controls the amount of time required for you to achieve financial freedom.

So what are the 5 “P’s” to financial freedom? Tomorrow I will reveal the first “P”. Here is a hint – it is something you already have.