Take a step towards Financial Freedom by liberating money.

To achieve financial freedom you need to know your passions in life. You then need to prioritize your goals and have a unique plan. Your next step is to create PROFITS which can be used to fund your priorities.

It is difficult to get ahead these days. There are financial pressures coming at us every day. New taxes, school fees, updated gadgets, new internet or cell phone contracts, higher food costs, membership fees, renovations, new car loan, vacation costs … the list can go on and on. So how can you fund things like your retirement or eliminate debt or create an emergency fund? What about the cost to fulfill your dreams in life?

You simply need to create more money for yourself. You could grow your own money tree – good luck with that. You could print your own money, but that would be a federal offense and best to avoid doing that. You could get a 2nd or 3rd job but who wants to do that? You could try putting yourself on a budget – but that will restrict your lifestyle and not create any more money for you. What about using a cash flow plan? Huh. That sounds intriguing.

A cash flow plan can liberate money you already have. This means you have “found money” that you can use to fund your priorities. Sounds easy right? Make no mistake; I am not referring to a budget but rather a unique way to handle your money that is guaranteed to liberate funds. Actually I hate budgets. I used to create them for people. I also used templated forms to help people with their spending. This was many years ago before I realized a budget is nothing more than a way to restrict lifestyle or something that can be used to review where your money was spent.

The only time I would suggest using a budget is when you are planning a renovation or a holiday. It is a tool that can be used to estimate the cost of a project or event. I have yet to hear of a budget being used in a way to create additional cash flow.

A cash flow plan is different than a budget. A cash flow plan will not restrict your spending like a budget will. Here is an example: let’s say you have a budget to spend $200 a week on groceries. You walk into a supermarket and walk out having spent $270. You just blew your “budget”. A cash flow plan does not have these same restrictions. It will not set you up to fail in the same manner that a budget would.

Combine a cash flow plan with a done-for-you business opportunity and you can create more money to fund your priorities including eliminating debt and living your dream life. Tomorrow I will share more on how you can have a done-for-you business and begin generating additional profits.