Our mission is to help coaches and financial professionals to achieve a higher level of business success by increasing revenues and market share.

Using our proven system that will help more clients obtain financial security and peace of mind while also living their dreams.


Stuart combines 30 years of extensive experience working with a chartered bank then several years brokering. He used that knowledge and experience to create “Obliterate Your Debt N.O.W. in 3 Easy Steps”. This guide and his toolkit (Dream 100 Financial Freedom Planning) help the average citizen to achieve their financial goals.

Stuart has completed many certificates and training courses in financial planning, securities, lending, and customer care.

He has worked with thousands of clients, who’s needs ranged from managing debt to financing 1st, 2nd or 3rd homes to investing and retirement planning.

Stuart’s passion is to help coaches and financial professionals achieve their business goals by educating them on a proven program that will increase their market share and client loyalty.

This is accomplished through a certification program that is designed to educate the coach or financial professional on the unique advantages of “Dream 100 Financial Freedom Planning and the membership services offered through the Institute of Certified Cash Flow Advisors. The program helps coaches/financial professionals to learn the secrets of becoming a preferred source to their clientele.


Joy joined the Institute of Certified Cash Flow Advisors as a financial planning coach and educator after a 10+ year career as a counselor and social service advocate. She has a passion to help guide people in their journey to make long-lasting positive change for their personal future and that of their family.

After completing a bachelors’ degree, with a major in counseling, Joy began her career in the field of social services, working with children and families in difficult circumstances. Over the next six years Joy expanded her knowledge and skills, taking on more challenging roles within the social services field. She continued on to complete a Master of Arts in Psychology degree and shortly thereafter began work as a social service advocate, focusing entirely on helping people understand their situation, identifying the path to change, and giving the support needed to navigate the road to reach their goals across various spectrum's.

Over the years Joy has completed numerous classes and workshops relating to various aspects of financial literacy, personal financial planning, and investing.


Steve started his career in financial planning as an independent insurance broker with Canada Financial in Vancouver, B.C..  Shortly after, he worked as an investment advisor offering real estate based investments with League Investments.

Steve has also worked as an income tax preparation specialist with H & R Block in order to better understand which types of investments are the most tax efficient.

Steve is very passionate about helping hard working individuals and families find better ways of managing their money. Steve enjoys helping individuals and families through the dream 100 system and seeing them live a better, stress-free lifestyle.


Lori Eggstaff is a California native, and is excited to have joined the Dream 100 Financial Planning Team. Lori has over 30 years experience as Finance Director/COO in diverse industries, including education, construction and real estate. Shortly after earning an M.B.A. in management, Lori realized the need to help others fulfill their dreams of a better future for themselves and their families.

Lori became a certified life/business coach, and has coached private clients, groups and other coaches, in the areas of entrepreneurship, self-­‐advocacy and life strategy. Lori believes in life long learning, and she furthers her purpose of giving, by working with special needs students at the 5th and 6th grade level. As a member of the Dream 100 team, Lori uses her experience and skills to help others create the life they have always dreamed of, and a future full of possibilities.


Benjamin (Ben) is an engineer by training and an entrepreneur by nature.  He is passionate about seeing others gain financial freedom. Cumulatively, he comes into financial coaching with 30 years of diverse multi-skilled training and experience in the following areas; personal/leadership skills development; community building; cultural and emotional intelligence skills, gained through international undergraduate and graduate studies.

Ben has acquired people development skills which embody personal and leadership development; based on an extensive leadership and decision making training system, with a Training the-Trainers component.  An engaging training system which employs audio/visual tools, reading and association. In financial services Ben had been a certified qualified financial services representative in the areas of investment and insurance practices.  Ben taps into his varied background to inspire and coach people to financial independence.

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